Don't Choke Archery

true-shot-coach-website-logo Introducing a revolutionary archery product called the True Shot Coach by Don’t Choke Archery. The True Shot Coach is an archery training aid that will help archers of any level be more accurate while shooting their bow. It also teaches new archers how to properly grip their bow, while helping even the most advanced level archers eliminate human-induced riser torque caused by grip variance. By eliminating riser torque, down range left and right arrow groups are significantly tighter. Visit the True Shot Coach page to learn more or Buy Now and experience the difference!

Benefits of the True Shot Coach Archery Training Aid

Proper Hand Placement
• Improves Archery Form
• Eliminate Torque

Tighter Arrow Groups
• Improves Long Range Shooting
• More Confidence, Less Choking

Training Aid For New Archers
• Great For Individuals
• Used By Top Archery Coaches

Helps Archers & Bowhunters
• Improve Archery Scores
• Better Bowhunting Confidence


Here's what True Shot Coach users are saying!



I can really tell a difference when I use my True Shot Coach. I had such a hard time repeating the correct hand placement before, which always made me pull. But this has helped so much and I was very confident when my turkey came out. I made a quick, clean kill! Thanks for rushing the delivery and helping me.



New Bowhunter

I got my first kill with a bow thanks to the True Shot Coach!! After months of adjusting my hand placement, my form, and my sights, I was still consistently shooting to the left. I ordered the True Shot Coach, and instantly my arrows were dead on! Thanks Randy at Don’t Choke Archery for helping make my hunt a successful one!