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Johnanthan Woodfield

"after praclicing 1.5 hrs with your True Shot Coach got my first Ram, Jonathan Woodfield Thanks,

Ardy Ayto

I'm a convert and so is this guy! Ian Barbour tried the True Shot Coach this afternoon and we were amazed at how much he shrunk his groups at 30 metres, the first time he shot using the True Shot Coach. He's rapt.Thanks to Don􀀑 Choke Archery.

Brian Severn

"Absolutely love this training aid. Best $18 I ever spent, that included shipping. I am a brand new bowhunter only been shooting a bow for about 3 months. After about two weeks of shooting I was referred to this product, ordered and started using it. At first felt weird, felt like I was going to drop the bow, but as I got used to it my groups tighten. A week after using I had my first and second Robin Hood in the same week, by the third week I was shooting groups at 48 yards. Not pro level but for a newbie I was happy"